Roeckl Melides Rękawiczka rowerowa czerwony KZBQED

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The Melides is a winner for freeride or downhill bikers who spend many hours glued to their handlebars. The well-thought-out design of this model combines excellent grip and partial paddings to ensure safe control of the handlebar and wear comfort. The elaborate siliconization on the palm guarantees enhanced grip. The XRD Protection padding in the area of the base of the fingers and the crook of the thumb dampens the pressure acting on the sensitive palm of the hand, thus offering reliable protection against the formation of blisters. The backhand features an elaborate material mix consisting of 2-way Spandex and lightly padded Airprene which make it robust and airy at the same time. The Melides also has a number of technical features to offer: pre-curved fingers reduce the amount of effort needed to grasp the handlebar and significantly increase the wear comfort. The rail finger cut offers even more durability at the fingertips. In case of a fall, the large Kevlar cuff protects the sensitive pulse area at the wrist. The backhand fastener ensures a secure fit and provides the necessary stability. A microfleece thumb and a reflect print round off the range of features. In addition, Melides is Toechscreen compatible, and thanks to this functionality you can use your smartphone without having to take off your gloves. Conclusion: this model is a robust, long-fingered glove with outstanding grip and comfortable shock-absorption for demanding free-ride tours.Touchscreen CompatibleAllows picking up smartphone calls quickly without taking off the gloves.Rail Finger CutThe pre-bent fingers support the hand when closing your fingers around the pole, thus reducing the effort and increasing the wearing comfort.Comfort-InnovationEffective padding of the crook of the thumb through seamless patch made from Flex-Foam or gel. Detectable increase of the comfort when you're biking. Exclusively and legally protected Roeckl.XRD ProtectionThin, breathable and durable absorption material with high shock and vibration absorption.ReflectProduct with reflective design elements.Off RoadParticularly suitable for MTB and Off Road.DuraderoDurable and comfortable synthetic suede.Silicone-GripMaximum grip (in dry conditions). Thanks to the silicone coating.

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